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30 Quick & Healthy recipes

This book contains 30 recipes that not only taste amazing, look great, are high in protein AND are super healthy!

As a Personal Trainer, I love food! I also know that to sustain a healthy diet, you have to really enjoy the food you are eating AND you need to understand what you are eating.

So I’ve squeezed 30 of my tastiest and most colourful meat, fish and veggie recipes into my cookbook and with each recipe, I’ve included full nutritional information (calories, protein, carb, fat and fibre) so you know exactly what you are eating.

AND as if that’s not enough, each recipe comes with a handy MyFitnessPal barcode so you can scan and track!

Ebook £6 / Paperback £15
FlexFit Recipe Book

30 Plant based Recipes

Are you a Vegan or Vegetarian? And, are you conscious of your protein intake? You really should be, because protein helps to build and repair your muscles! ⁣⁠

I can help you increase the amount of protein in your diet. I have a Vegan recipe book that means you don’t have to do all the thinking about protein! It tackles that issue for you!! ⁣⁠

This cookbook includes 30 fantastic dishes with high protein content, great for anyone wanting to cook simple plant-based meals. All the recipes are meat and dairy-free⁣⁠, high in protein⁣⁠, totally delicious ⁣⁠and simple to make.⁣⁠

Ebook £6
FlexFit Plant Based Recipe Book

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