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One thing I have learnt over the years is that when it comes to personal trainers – one size does NOT fit all. It’s really important to understand what you want from a personal trainer and what they can offer to ensure that you are a match. I like to invest equally in both sides of the job title – of course, I want to ‘train’ you – make you hit those targets, be confident and feel invincible. But I also want to know you, what makes you tick, why you are here, what you need from me and any life road bumps we need to navigate to get you to where we need to go. I like to make it ‘personal’.

And if you are going to get personal with me then it’s only fair that I should be with you. So, here is a little intro to me, why I am doing what I do and why I love it so much.


I have always been active, so fitness isn’t a stranger to me. However, when I was younger, it was always a tool to drop a couple of dress sizes (after an indulgent period at university of cocktails and late-night takeouts!). Or, later when I was a career-focused woman, it was an escape from the office ritual; a means of shaking off my day before heading home. Despite incorporating exercise into my life during this time – I never maintained any momentum or saw significant results for my efforts and my healthy eating habits would yo-yo. I did try a personal trainer for a time, but there wasn’t a click between us and I didn’t see enough progression to incentivise me to continue our relationship.

It wasn’t until I was getting married that I resumed the hunt for a personal trainer again. Initially, my head just envisioned what I wanted ‘to look like’ in my wedding dress- what I got was much much more. This I attribute to getting the right Personal Trainer.


Alongside all the stresses of planning a wedding, life was throwing us curve balls. A boundary wall collapsed in the garden of our lovely house and gradually our garden began to subside into the chapel grounds that lay 6 feet below.

During a time when I should have been on Pinterest inspiration hunting for wedding dresses and deciding on colour palettes, my fiancé and I became embroiled in a legal battle that stretched over three years. Life was stressful, to say the least.

The gym became my sanctuary. My PT, my saviour. I was training 4-5 times a week, twice with my PT. I felt myself grow stronger, not just physically, but mentally, I felt powerful; I could take on the world; I was superwoman. It was exactly what I needed – it refocused my mind and despite the world seemingly crashing around me I felt capable of tackling my problems.

Four solicitors later and tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees hanging in the balance we risked bankruptcy, but my time in the gym had me feeling confident and empowered; despite advice to the contrary we fought on… and won. We recovered our costs, repaired the damages and had a wonderful wedding!

Collapsed boundary wall and my wedding day
My first photoshoot and collecting my award


But that wasn’t the end of the story – I was hooked. I had witnessed firsthand how fitness could be life-changing and I wanted to share that feeling with others. With the support of my PT, I made the bold decision to end my 12-year career in web design and throw my passions into FlexFit and retrain as a personal trainer – to help empower others, especially women, tackle their health goals and battle their demons!

I’m very proud of how far FlexFit has come. Since 2017, I have worked hard to ensure FlexFit offers a unique personal training experience focusing on strengthening the body and mind. I now have three Personal Trainer of the Year awards under my belt and a client list full of inspirational women who are on a mission to conquer the world one rep at a time!

If you feel like I could be the right trainer for you then click below and tell me more about what brings you to FlexFit today…

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