Motivation Hack to Get You Up and Moving

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Here’s a HACK to help keep you motivated… whether it’s for your workouts, your meal prep, or anything else you’re doing in your life.


This is actually backed by science! Researchers at University College London found that people in a study naturally chose tasks that required the LEAST effort – without even realising they were making that choice!

Whenever given options, they naturally gravitated toward the easiest ones.


How to apply this principle to your training

Some days you will naturally be more motivated than others. Here’s what to do instead of skipping your workout altogether, or being discouraged on those days you aren’t feeling it.

Do a workout you find the easiest!

That could be taking a walk or stretching out vs. running or lifting weights.

During the workout, you might find your motivation returns – thanks to the “feel-good” hormones that your body releases in response to exercise – and it will spur you to do more.

Or, you might find that you’re happy with the “least” amount.

Either way, you will have gotten a workout in, and helped reinforce your healthy habits!

You can apply this strategy to ANYTHING in your life that you’re trying to accomplish if you’re having a hard time getting motivated.

Something is ALWAYS better than nothing. Wouldn’t you agree?

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