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7 medicine ball ab moves guaranteed to fire up your entire core

I am excited to share that Marie Claire has invited me to collaborate on our third fitness feature together this year. This latest article, titled ‘7 medicine ball ab moves guaranteed to fire up your entire core’, showcases my insights on the benefits of using a medicine ball and highlights my top recommended core workouts with this versatile tool. Check out the full article!

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7 low-impact strength training moves you should try if you’re too stressed to go to the gym

I was delighted to share my expertise as well as my top low-impact exercises with Stylist magazine, offering a gentle yet effective approach to muscle building that is kind to both the body and mind.

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7 most effective standing core exercises to try at home – not a crunch in sight

After helping Marie Claire with their previous fitness piece, I was invited again to share my insights on standing core exercises. Within the article, I covered the distinctions between ‘core’ and ‘abs,’ highlighted the advantages of strengthening core muscles, and offered guidance on performing standing core exercises.

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I’ve been stretching for ten minutes every day for a year – and I’ve never felt better

I served for the first time as a fitness expert for Marie Claire in an article titled ‘I’ve been stretching for ten minutes every day for a year – and I’ve never felt better’. The article delved into the benefits of stretching daily while distinguishing between dynamic and static stretches.

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The Telegraph's 'Your guide to a healthier year – month-by-month' article
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Your guide to a healthier year – month-by-month

The Telegraph published a health calendar article with monthly activity and habit recommendations. I was honoured to contribute as an expert, discussing the benefits of resistance training in May’s section subtitled ‘Start Lifting Weight.’ The article was published in both digital and print editions and was highlighted as a special feature on the newspaper’s cover.

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 Press Features 2023

Screenshot of Stylist magazine article titled '10 moves to help realign your body, including pigeon pose and single-leg raises'
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10 moves to help realign your body, including pigeon pose and single-leg raises

If you’ve ever noticed any muscle imbalances or alignment issues (which, unfortunately, happen to many people!), you’ll want to check out this article.

I am immensely honoured to be asked to offer guidance and exercises for the feature.

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Screenshot of Stylist Magazine 'Fed-State Training' article
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Maximise your workout with fed-state training: why exercising after eating might be better than fasted training

For a long time, fasted training has been popular among gym-goers since it’s believed to improve the body’s ability to burn fat stores as a source of energy.

However, recently there has been a rise in fed-state training, which is eating a small snack or meal before beginning a workout.

I have always been in the camp fed-state, so I was pleased when Stylist magazine asked me to provide my comment as an expert on the benefits of fed-state training.

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This article is exclusively for Stylist’s Strong Training Club members, and if you want to read it in full, they do provide a free 14-day trial (after which it’s £6.99 a month with a number of benefits).

Screenshot of Stylist Magazine Hardest Exercise article
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These are the hardest exercises to master no matter how fit you are, according to PTs

I was asked by Stylist Magazine what exercise in my opinion is the toughest to master no matter how fit you are. I’m not going to spoil the surprise so if you want to find out what myself and other PTs have said then you’ll just have to read the article!

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January Fitness tips for Stylist magazine
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Is your new year exercise motivation running low? Here’s how to keep working out way beyond January

Stylist magazine was working on a piece to encourage their readers to continue their New Year fitness endeavours through February and beyond. I can’t believe it, I’m so delighted and proud of the fact that 5 out of the 7 fitness tips were provided by FlexFit!

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 Press Features 2022

Metro 23 Steps Article
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23 steps for a fitter, healthier you in 2023 – that you can actually sustain

My 23 fitness tips for 2023 have been published on METRO.CO.UK!

Did you know that according to a recent study, seven weeks is the average length of time a New Year’s resolution lasts? The article contains 23 effective steps that are intended to help you make 2023 the best year for your health.

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FlexFit in Men's Fitness magazine
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Future-proof your fitness

I’m in Men’s Fitness magazine! The article titled ‘Future-proof your fitness’ provides sustainable, long-term strategies to help you stay strong and fit, well into your senior years.

I provided tip number 2 – ‘consider your why’. This is a HUGE PR win for FlexFit as it helps me reach a new audience. It’s the first time I have been able to offer my expertise to a men’s magazine, let alone such a widely read title!

FlexFit featured in Yours magazine
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Feeling Strong!

Words cannot express the joy and gratefulness I feel to be in the November 1-14, 2022 edition of Yours magazine! Yours is a biweekly magazine that is especially enjoyed by the 50+ female population. Almost 50% of my total client base falls into this category. So when they needed a personal trainer to act as an expert for their ‘Feeling Strong!’ article, I knew it had to be me!

They published a double-page spread about why strength training is crucial for strong healthy bones and also featured my recommended five exercises for women.

Screenshot of Stylist magazine article
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How to get back into fitness: 5 ways to kickstart your fitness routine this September

I collaborated with Stylist Magazine in September on a motivational article that outlines how to sustain your fitness as we move into autumn. You can read the write-up and check out my tips, which I share in the article.

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FlexFit in Macclesfield Express
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Mandy is ‘buzzing’ as she fits in another top award

In June 2022, to retain my title, I won a prestigious Personal Trainer of the Year award for the second consecutive year! Maclesfield Express recognised my win with a news story on June 15th.

FlexFit in Health & Wellbeing magazine
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8 Habits hindering your workout

Health & Wellbeing magazine was writing an article called ‘8 habits hindering your workout’ and I was asked to provide a contribution from my perspective as a fitness expert. I’m so delighted to be mentioned and named in the article as one of the UK’s leading fitness experts!

FlexFit in Cheshire Life Magazine
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22 Steps to a fit 2022

What a fantastic way to start the new year, seeing my four-page article in January’s edition of Cheshire Life magazine! Did you know that seven weeks is the time that’s typical for New Year’s Resolutions to last? Most people who set new goals on the first days of January would have given up on them by March.

In the article, I show Cheshire Life readers 22 steps to make fitness and healthy eating fit into their lifestyle with ease in 2022.

 Press Features 2021

Picture  of Macclesfield Express article
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Mandy FlexEs Her Muscles for Success

Macclesfield Express featured me in their 29th December 2021 issue to celebrate my upcoming 5th-year business anniversary. In the piece, they describe my journey starting FlexFit and talk about my hopes for the future.

Best magazine feature
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10 Ways to Live Longer

Best Monthly was working on a story for its November 2021 issue titled “10 Ways to Live Longer” and included my tip, “Lift Heavy!”. The editors loved it and used my hint as tip number six in the article.

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Why it’s OK to quit your ‘dream job’ even if you worked for it for years

In June 2021, I was featured in the Metro.⁠

In the article, I talked to the Metro about leaving behind my dream job – a 13-year career in graphic and web design to pursue my passion for fitness.⁠

As you can see, I’ve never looked back!⁠

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FlexFit holding Lose Weight Feel Great! magazine
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Walk Slim!

I contributed as a fitness expert in the monthly glossy magazine – ‘Lose Weight, Feel Great!’ in June 2021. ⁠⁠
The article is called ‘Walk Slim’ and it’s about the 12-3-30 treadmill routine, created by Lauren Giraldo that has taken social media by storm.⁠⁠

FlexFit Fitness Expert in the Daily Mail
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Why a home with no stairs can give you ‘bungalow leg’

The Daily Mail wanted to write an article about a phenomenon now being dubbed ‘Bungalow Leg’. The term refers to the gradual weakening of muscles in the leg which often happens when older adults and people with immobile joints move to a single-storey house to make life easier.⁠

They wanted a fitness expert who has a record in helping clients that are 60+ years old with joint problems to offer their expertise and advice. And they chose me! ⁠

This article was featured in the 4th May 2021 print edition, as well as on Mail Online.

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FlexFit on Radio Northwich
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The kim smith show: Turning Trauma into fitness

On April 27, I did my first-ever radio guest appearance! I appeared on Radio Northwich’s Kim Smith Show to discuss music and how a life trauma changed my career pathway. We also played some of my favourite songs… something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue!⁠

Press features: 2020

FlexFit in Lift the Bar Magazine Issue 10
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cover girl on Lift the bar magazine

I was featured in issue 10 of Lift the Bar magazine and was on the cover.

Lift the Bar, a valued magazine for fitness professionals, is a publication read by thousands of people in the UK, Europe and around the world. They approached me, and I’m grateful.

In the article, I told the story of how I started out as a PT. I left a full-time job to set up FlexFit with no clients and hardly any savings and made it work! I shared my tips and tricks for getting started. If I can make it easier for other personal trainers to follow a similar path to me, and help even more people get fit and healthy, then I’m happy. ⁣

Flexfit featured in Macclesfield Express
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Fitness boss lined up way to keep business in shape

In July 2020, Macclesfield Express wrote an article about how I have pivoted my business during the first lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic. I had set my mind on online fitness and nutrition coaching following the shutdown of gyms across the country. This was FlexFit’s first-ever press feature. As you can see from the picture, I was absolutely over the moon!!

Mental strength. Whatever life throws at you.

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