How to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness

Barbell overhead press


Are you really getting the most out of your training?

Head to heel, body of steel means keeping your entire body solid – tension throughout.

This week, I urge you to have a go at focusing on the above quote when performing all of your exercises.

Just because you are performing a lower body exercise such as a lunge does not mean your upper body should be relaxed. Have a go at doing this exercise while imagining tucking your shoulders down and back into your back pocket and keeping your chest up and proud so everyone can see the logo on your shirt!

If you are performing a chest flye, your feet should be firmly on the ground and your core tight.

There’s 3 ways you can do an exercise:

  1. Just moving the weight up and down ?
  2. Just focussing on the one single movement e.g bending your knee to lunge ?
  3. Maintaining tension throughout your entire body while performing the same exercise ?

Guess which one will get you the most bang for your buck?

So remember for every exercise you do… HEAD TO HEEL, BODY OF STEEL! Give it a go!

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