How I Overcame My Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever looked at someone else and admired what they have accomplished… but it never even crossed your mind that YOU could do the same thing?

It’s like your thoughts don’t even let you GO there – because those accomplishments were meant for “someone else”?

Someone smarter, stronger, more talented, better looking, or maybe even simply luckier.

Those are called limiting beliefs. And we’ve all got them, and I used to have them, too. (I’m still working on some of mine, also!)

Now, I know they are false – but getting past them took some work. In fact, they still creep up from time to time, and I have to put them back in their place.

I thought that stepping out and starting my own business would be terrifying and that it was meant for people who had a business background or even people who had an abundance of experience in their chosen career path. Not someone like me, who decided to change directions and had nothing but a passion to go off. Then I realised that I knew how to help people solve their problems (I had helped businesses do that), and I knew how to guide people (ok… in a completely different arena) and that I owed it to the WORLD to get my message out there and put myself on the line. Sure, I would make mistakes… many mistakes but I would learn from every single one of them. And that if I put my mind to it, I COULD accomplish anything.

If I can outgrow my limiting beliefs, SO CAN YOU!

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