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CAN FAT LOSS BE TARGETED? In other words, can you drop body fat from one specific part of your body?

This is a query that I get all the time! People say things like ‘I really don’t like my arms, so how do I sort them out?’

Unfortunately, you can’t target an area of your choice! There is no evidence to suggest that you can burn fat in one part of your body alone.

To put it simply, doing 500 sit-ups a day will not burn the fat around your tummy, and no amount of triceps dips are going to eliminate those annoying bingo wings.

Building strong tummy muscles will not give you a 6-pack if those muscles are hiding behind body fat! The human body just doesn’t work like that. However, regular exercise and good nutrition do burn fat from your entire body! And in that process, you will get fitter, healthier and leaner.

BUT if you do want to work on your arms, legs, abs, chest, or back, you can encourage muscle growth and create definition with weights and bodyweight exercises. And if you have followed me for a while, you will know that I love lifting weights!!!

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