5 Things to Look for When Buying Workout Leggings

Workout leggings

LEGGINGS! Yes, I want to talk about workout leggings!

Finding a pair of comfortable and supportive workout leggings is important — no, crucial — to ensure you feel good while working out in them. The good news is, there are plenty of designs and styles out there. But just because there are so many options available doesn’t mean they are all considered equal — and it certainly doesn’t mean they’ll all stand up to your workout regime!

Decent leggings can be an investment, so I thought I’d share my advice with you. I’d rather you spend your money well, rather than you buying activewear that’s not going to last or work hard for you.

After years of experimentation with different shapes and brands, I would say…

ALWAYS try them on before buying. And then go through this checklist to make sure they are a match made in heaven…

✅ Are they squat-proof?!? I.e. will your underwear, or bum be on show when you’re bending over?
✅ Will they stay up when you’re running?! (nothing worse than having to keep pulling them up during a run)
✅ Do they have pockets?
✅ Will they hold you, in the places you want them to?
✅ Are they moisture-wicking? A moisture-wicking fabric moves sweat to the fabric’s outer surface and dries rapidly so that your sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric. And you don’t leave sweat marks on the machine you were using!

If the answer to all of these is yes, then these leggings are a GOOD INVESTMENT!

My current favourites are Sweaty Betty. They are high-waisted, bum-sculpting and have pockets for your phone and keys. Their Power leggings are my favourite design (so much so that I have 6 pairs!)

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