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FlexFit has garnered national and local press coverage, and I frequently offer expert insights on health and fitness topics.

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Are you ready to work with a Personal Trainer?

What’s on your wish list?

  • You want to find a way to fit exercise into your busy life?
  • You want to lose weight or tone up and look your best?
  • You want to smash your PB or get stronger and stronger?
  • You want to feel fitter, have more energy or overcome an injury?
  • You want advise on how to correctly exercise pre and postpartum?
  • You want to feel better physically and mentally than ever before?

Train with me if any of the above is your ‘why’. Your goals are my goals, and together we WILL make it happen.

Far beyond just an hour in the gym

Most personal trainers solely focus on the time they spend with you. I aim to have an impact on the other 23 hours of your day.

When you train with me, our time together will inspire how you live your life when we’re apart. Your progress will flow in three stages:


I will give you the technique, knowledge, self-belief and determination you need to keep momentum going when you leave the gym.


Working out won’t be separate from everything else you do. The uplifting effect of our sessions and my ongoing support on movement, nutrition and mindset will ripple through the rest of your life.


Your whole outlook and habits will shift, and you will get the results you want and the confidence you deserve.

Train smarter. Get stronger. Walk taller.

Photo of Jules Wallbank

When I first started with Mandy I had lower back pain, weak core and problems with my knees. I couldn’t squat, lunge, do pulling exercises or step ups and had poor posture. Fast forward a few months…

… I am now doing barbell squats. I am doing chin ups & pull ups as well as step ups using a 15kg barbell. More importantly, I don’t have any issues with my knees; my posture is better; my technique is improving all the time and I have a much better understanding of my own body.

Mandy isn’t just a personal trainer as she takes an holistic approach to your training, fitness & lifestyle. Mandy is really clued up on how your body works & the psychology of nutrition, exercise & lifestyle.

​I can’t speak highly enough of Mandy. If, like me – you have a tendency to give up or self sabotage then Mandy will do wonders for you. This is by far the longest I have ever stuck at anything.

Jules Wallbank

Penny Lawson

I’ve been working with Mandy since July 2019. I wanted to improve my strength and flexibility having lost a lot of weight. I’d tried the PTs in my gym and felt they didn’t get my goals or my challenges. I’d survived cancer and had been left with some long-term after effects. Mandy did a thorough assessment and ensured that she understood my goals and weaknesses.

She helps to motivate me when I get frustrated and reminds me how far I’ve come already. She’s great at giving me detailed feedback and breaking techniques into manageable steps, which allows me to develop safely without injury as the emphasis is on mastering exercises not on crunching weights alone.

With Mandy’s help my balance, core strength and flexibility have improved beyond what I imagined. Since working with Mandy, I’ve toned up and as a bonus now fit in my wedding dress – for the first time in 22 years.

Penny Lawson

Photo of Mark Nicolls

After a year off my bike and hardly any exercise, I tasked Mandy with getting me fighting fit and she did that in no time at all.

Her schedules were intense, but made to suit my requirements and to work around old injuries as well. Each week Mandy would mix it up a little to keep it interesting, but keeping the main goal(s) in mind.

I am now back commuting daily on my bike, covering 40 miles a day and stronger than ever, thanks to the head start from Mandy. I highly recommend Mandy, if you want to get fit(ter) or, lose weight or both.

Mark Nicoll

Work hard. Look great. Feel amazing.

Am I the right personal trainer for you?

You may have worked with personal trainers before, or this could be your first time.

Either way, it’s important you get a snapshot of what it’s like to train with me before we meet. Am I the right personal trainer for you?

I’m the right personal trainer for you


You want to fit fitness into your busy life


You want to work with someone who’s enthusiastic, encouraging and motivational


You want to avoid plateaus and maintain momentum


You want to learn correct technique and hone each exercise properly to maximum gain


You want to work hard and get results


You want to feel good inside and out; fuel yourself well, shake up your mindset and make the most of your life inside and outside the gym

I’m not the personal trainer for you


You only want to workout occasionally


You want to work with someone who will bark orders in your face


You just want to maintain your current strength and fitness level


You want to try lots of different exercises each week


You don’t want to push yourself too much


You don’t want to change the way you look after yourself outside the gym

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